Sunday, 18 March 2012

Whole Again

As the sun caresses my cheek
With it's gentle rays of warmth.
A cool breeze of summer night eve,
Ruffles my hair in playful delight.
I lift my face to the teasing rain
That it may wash the tears of an earlier time.
So are the thoughts that come
Not demanding.but requesting
Entrance to the cautious spirit.
With the warmth that suggests comfort
As a blanket would the cold.
A gentleness that teases at the senses
With a healing promise.
A sweetness that dare my emotions
To awaken from its' sleep.
To shut this mighty door of fear
Is but a brief reflection of old ideals
The newness of it
Challenges my every instinct.
So I dare to welcome what is unknown
With a soft embrace,
That I may experience
That which I am free to trust.
And I hear on the breeze,
Like an echo in the wind
A voice...
"I will make you whole again.."

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Anonymous said...

Thku :)


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