Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The ManKind Project

This video explores the foundation, history and impact of the ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure. Perspectives of men from widely varied backgrounds from across the United States - from Minnesota to Arizona, Washington DC to Southern California.

The ManKind Project conducts challenging and highly rewarding leadership trainings and modern initiations for adult men from 18 to 85 years old. The New Warrior Training is widely regarded as the most powerful and transformative training for men available today.

Skills for life. Community for a lifetime

Coleman Pester is a young man from the Bay area who found the New Warrior Training Adventure after attending this year's Burning Man. The theme for this year's Burning Man was "Rites of Passage". There was a group of ManKind Project men who conducted open men's circles throughout the event.

As a young gay man, Coleman longed to find a community of men who would support him in becoming the man he wants to be ... he found this community in the ManKind Project.

The ManKind Project is an organization where all men can find acceptance, support and challenge to become the best they can be.

Learn more about the ManKind Project at: http://mankindproject.org
Learn more about the New Warrior Training Adventure at: http://newwarriortraining.org

This is a video highlighting the work and accomplishments of ManKind Project Men in the Chicago Center who were awarded the "Way of the Warrior" Awards for 2010. Powerful stories about mentoring, helping youth through music, helping all people through connection to the body, helping families in times of deep grief and loss, inspiring others through self care and health.

Congratulations to all the men who won - and all the supporters who helped make it happen.

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