Friday 9 August 2013

Looking Within #poem

Not sleeping once more and again with the night,

terrors and horrors from the mind alite,
but the bright mirror outside shines also within
two sides to an image of both goodness and sin

This image you see, a reflection of self,
but a hall of mirrors?- affecting ones health,
a tunnel of selves all deformed and torn
but the initial image is still there, not forlorn

turn away from these images, these other selves
look around for the light and follow it home
for there in the land all covered in green
is where the true self may often be seen.

all around us these riches and baubles and trinkets,
mean nothing when we're gone yet no one does thinking
of living without and looking within
for no man needs anything which isn't within.

Kopierhof 8/8/13


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