I have always loved taking photographs. Capturing a moment in time, being able to look back and remember good times, beautiful places and special people is important to me. These are just some of my images. I hope you like them.
Moonrise - View from bedroom

New Year Fireworks, Turkey

Garden Palms

Magic Eyes in Cappadocia

Wisteria in my Turkish garden

Waterfall in Antalya

Oranges in my Turkish garden

Trumpet Climber

Welsh snow!

Odd where things will grow

Blood red hibiscus

More Welsh Snow

Standing Stone - Wales

Cappadocia Sandstone
Some images I took over my weekend at Urchfont Manor.


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AltTherapy Counseling said...

For what youve been thru to have such an eye and heart for beauty truly inspires me. God Bless

Anonymous said...

For someone who has suffered so much you have a beautiful soul and a real talent for photography.Your pictures are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing


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