Friday 2 March 2012

A Prayer For Every Child

For every child who cries at night

Alone with shame and pain and fright

For every child who wants so much

To only feel a gentle touch

For the beaten child, who cries in pain

Whose tears run silent, like falling rain,

For the child used to satisfy lust

Who never learns to love or trust

For the child taken from his home

And made to feel so all alone

For the child whose home is just a shell

Where life becomes a living hell

For the child who smiles but cannot feel

Because of scars too deep to heal

For every child who yearns for love

I hope and pray to the Lord above

To hear your cries and heal you pain

And give you back your life again.



Anonymous said...

Awwww. So sad. So wrong. My wish would be to hold all these children warm and safe. <3

Tracie Nall said...


This is one of the most powerful things I have read in a long time.

Damita Watson said...

WELL DONE!You really did a wonderful job writing this!

Damita Watson said...

Well done! You really did a great job writing this!

Unknown said...

My heart goes out to all children who suffered at the hands of people who should be teaching them how to trust. To those children, the words'I survived' becomes their whole goal. I hope we celebrate each one who does survive.

I saw the tag Myrddin-y-gwyllt somewhere. Are you Welsh?
Rhia at

Beyond Survivor said...

Thank you Tracie. I was really moved when I read this. I did not write this myself, I do not know who did (hence unknown).

Rhia, Yes I am Welsh :-) @Myrddin_Y_Wyllt (Merlin The Wild)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and very sad. Brought tears to me. My inner child was hurt got it.


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