Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A heaviness comes over me

A heaviness comes over me
In the night when the hours nearly
Stand in silence and the sound
Of aloneness falls all around me
There I sit tucked away from a
Life I only dreamed of so long ago

A heaviness comes over me
As I sit in a loud smokey pub
Music as thick as the smoke. Sharp
Piercing hopeful glances turn toward
Me and quickly fade away as if they
Never made contact then they find another

A heaviness comes over me
Though by day I boast about how
Aloneness is OK and loneliness has
Never made an assault on me as I
Stand there with my I really
Believe it myself smile

A heaviness comes over me
And so do the after midnight hours
That soak me in emptiness and my
Soul fills with secret tears as I
Sit in brutal darkness knowing
That I may never again share my
Life with another


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