Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Crush

You are a fire
and I am burning
You are temptation
and I am yearning

You are the magnet I am drawn to,
the one I'd kill just to belong to,
yet I cannot break the spell
that you have cast.

From far away my heart is beating
from your glance so far from fleeting
But your clever smile has hidden
all the words that I have written
neatly packaged from a time
that's long since passed.

Your every move I watch and see
You're moving closer now to me
And when you stop
the world stops with you
in my mind.

This feeling gnawing and eroding
my silence ever more forboding
I long to speak yet lose control
to look within your very soul,
yet when I try it seems my eyes are stricken blind.

I can't control the feeling
My God, my mind is reeling,
when you say my name I don't
believe it's really mine.

You know exactly what you're doing,
this wicked spell that you've been brewing,
seeing past my gaze and knowing all the time.
All things have lost their meaning
this torture practically demeaning,
but I do nothing now for
I feel no need to rush..

You have blown away my senses,
stricken down all my defenses,
For love begins with but
one solitary crush.



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