Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The sound of breaking dreams

Fallen from above
My head is out of the clouds
Waking up from a dream,
I dreamt I could fly

My ears can't stand the sound
Of dreams breaking in my hands
My eyes can't stand the sight
Of the wreckage of my soul

Waking up from a life in dreams
Is harder than you'd think
The truth came knocking on my door
Slapped my face and placed me here
In this burned down soul of mine

Everything I once believed in
Has been crashed to the ground
And all my friends I took for granted
Turned to faded memories
Of a life lived long ago

So now I'm laying in the ground
With my lost pride spread all around
I guess I'm running out of time
It slips away like sand, right through my hands
And I suppose I'll rise again..
Yes, Sometime I will..

1 comment:

Patricia Singleton said...

Healing gave me back my dreams. It can do that for you too. Keep on writing your way out of Hell.


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