Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The nightmares of my life.

A mist falls upon the evening
As the days travel nears it's end
A cross seen beneath me
Down where the waters bend
The way is lined the map is drawn
The secret told to you
Accept the chance or turn away
Your answer lies in you
You take the chance to live your life
Your journey to begin
Enjoy yourself it's time to feast
The epic is within
Release yourself it's time for flight
The wings of faith we fly
A million for a moment
As years flash before your eyes
Now once again denounce my sight
That foggy misty night
I'm lying down and resting well
The nightmares of my life.



amanda said...

Thank you for sharing your work. I can tell from your words you are a remarkable, strong and intelligent person. The imagery and layers of each poem I've read always makes me go back and read them again, if you haven't published them in a printed book you should, they would benifit so many out there who think they are alone.

Kaila Cooper said...

A beautiful poem Nighmare is, I shall tweet this, spread the word, my followers may be able to relate to this as I have. I appreciate your hard work, and it will benefit all in the end.


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