Sunday 25 March 2012

A Men’s Project - Guest Post via @AMensProject

This week I'd like to introduce you to George Marx, co-founder of A Men's Project.

I met George through Twitter. Resources like his are few and far between.

It's time to make a difference!

Come on guys, step out of the shadows and stand tall. I know the pain and shame well enough. The thing is, it's not our shame! We were the innocent victims. There are people out there to help us. Reach out, change your lives. I did and I promise you life does get better. It's a painful journey, but pain well worth bearing as it brings a bright new future.

Over to George.

George with his son

I don’t recall being abused. Feeling alone has been common for much of my life. I’ve been lucky to be male, while becoming aware how it contributes to my emotional isolation.

Connecting with other men in my early 30’s helped a lot.

We co-founded a men’s anti-rape group which successfully reached a lot of men. I realized again how alone I was in 1987. My “male allies” had no interest in my new world as the father of a newborn son.

I’ve heard and felt a lot of anger from men.

P was assaulted in a men’s restroom as a boy.

J was fishing alone at age 22. Men who joined him left and returned to rape him.

Others have been assaulted by a parent, uncle, cousin or sibling.

I can accept anger from these men, though more commonly I hear muted cries of pieces of their pain.

I can see the importance of these men doing their best to find more peace in their lives.
I hear a lot of blaming. Most of what I hear seemingly isn’t coming from men similar to P and J.

Men are hurting. The problem most commonly seems to be verbalized as being caused by: “women” or “the system” or similar.

I would like to see more men recognizing their emotional isolation and doing something positive about it.

I would like to see men similar to myself reaching out and working with men like P and J.

I would like to see men becoming volunteers in our schools, helping struggling boys.

After I moved to Seattle I looked for a men’s support group to join, but didn’t find one. I then spent a fair amount of effort finding other men to start a men’s group. It’s helped me a lot over the past three years.

In October, 2010 – I started A Men’s Project (AMP) – at: (blog: .

Its web links help men and boys in North America find resources for our issues. Most of the links are useful to others. I hope that you will use AMP and tell others about it! Thanks! George

George with his Grandfather in 1952

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