Saturday 25 February 2012

A Life In Shadows

I've lived my life in shadow,
hiding from the light
Day by day I made it through,
knowing I must fight.

There were times I lay in gutters,
feeling lower than the low
Just surviving took it's toll on me.
I took it blow by blow.

They did their best to keep me down,
They turned my day to night.
Though I knew the rules to life,
I broke them just the same.

I walked the streets without a home,
Sold my soul for a bed, for the night.
I drank myself into blissful oblivion,
There was no lower to fall.

I had no-one to help me,
I crawled back into life alone.
My body, bruised and broken,
My Mind fractured and displaced.

There were times I fell apart,
times I just sat and cried,
But there were days that I stood tall,
of that I do take pride.

No matter how dark my night,
a light glowed deep inside.
Now I stand tall, I won't give up,
the light spreads far and wide.

1 comment:

Khalid Haidary said...

Thanks so nice poem please tell me who is the writer....
Happy LIFE
Take Care


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