Wednesday 15 February 2012

Mad Poet

Mad poet's disease took up into trees
fell from the rafters and tripped over laughter

Mad poet's salvation beyond frustration
took up into heaven's scrutiny division

Mad poet's disquise to write white hot lies
studying maps and falling in traps

Mad poet's mistake the harlequins make
terrible dyes under capricorn skies

Mad poet's discovery, life's red and rubbery
blue and bright green, just as it seems

Mad poet's posessions astute little lessons
hidden agendas for big spenders

Mad poet's discipline indelible medicine
an american dreamer on a cumberland steamer

Mad poet's rage tears up the page
rips down the walls & fires up the halls

Mad poet's depression inquisition'd confessions
not me, not today, some other way

Mad poet's decision, oracular fission
immovable object unstoppable subject

Mad poet's writings thunder or lightning
a bird in his heart sings a new part

Mad poet's lessons learned lived and lessened
nothing is real, everyone squeals

Mad poet's people good, God, and evil
wasted young lives brainwashed to strive

Mad poet's understanding knowledge is demanding
Power is useless in the face of a tempest

Mad poet's past, elaborately cast
Old skin is discarded, self sought and guarded

Mad poet's reasons the years all of seasons
Life will go on after we're gone

Mad poet's ending it was impossible blending
short lines and rhymes I succeeded this time?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you understand secrets.
How I understand.
private.. secret.. state secret.. Most secret..for your eyes only

I can trust you. we have never met in person, you are always my friend and I apologise profusely.

ScaredSacred is a film 2004 which I have not seen yet.


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