Sunday 12 February 2012

The Movie of Our Lives. Via @StrongMenFilm

Please welcome Jim Henson,

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Right now, we're in Awards Season where the film community pats itself on the back one too many times in one too many awards shows.

I always dreamed of getting an Academy Award but now there's such a radical shift in my thinking that I don't care whether I win a little bald guy or not. I'd rather get a hug from someone saying that the movie STRONG MEN saved their lives.

You see, I've read the stories. I've seen and heard the interviews. I've talked to the experts who are by the way, wonderful people. I talk to friends who have shared they have been sexually abused and I grieve for them.

Yesterday I stood in line and heard the story of one of us (yes I'm a survivor too) on my iPhone. I was on the verge of tears, but counted it a blessing that I could feel something other than fear or numbness.

The idea of raising the money to do just a short film is daunting, let alone raise 3 million for a feature film. I'm not doing this for me, for the attention, or for the accolades. The days of needing people to like me is over. I'm not Sally Field.

STRONG MEN is for all of us -- the ones we've lost along the way, and to those of us who are still here to tell our stories -- to remember that although we went through Hell, we are still here; that as long as we can still breathe, we can always have hope.

During the Oscars, the winners usually dash through a laundry list of people no one knows until the orchestra plays over their nervous chatter.

No matter where I go, this film is for you, and to remember that despite the pain, love and healing are possible. I don't need a laundry list of people to thank. STRONG MEN is the story of our lives. This one's for you.

Jim Henson

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