Friday 10 February 2012

My Chiseled Corner via @lessonsinbroken #poetry #survivors

Last November I read a blog post called FATE. It was written by my guest blogger this week. "Dorian" has become a good friend on Twitter, he is worth following! @lessonsinbroken

He tells it as it is. His skill as a writer is obvious, his mastery of words and the way he portrays his own pain cuts the reader to the core. His words may be too raw for some people, but as I've said of myself. If you don't like what you read then don't follow.

I understand his feelings of self loathing. I was so close to becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs many years ago. I have done much in my earler life that I am ashamed of, things I regret but cannot change. Life goes on. I have a lesson of my own to share here...

Your past does not define who you are today. Let the choices you make today define who you will be.
Hugh is a different kind of survivor to me. He is a survivor nonetheless.

I am blessed with his friendship, I am honoured to introduce you to him.

My name is Hugh McGuire, I have been using the name Dorian Gray for a few years now.
I picked Dorian because he searches for any pleasure or desire despite being good or evil. Then searches for a redemption in his life of regret. Theses are in many ways very similar to my life.

The Alter Ego

I have caused many problems for myself in my life. I have seen darkened holes but have crawled back to the light.

I write to vent, I write to feel, I write to be,

The Man
I am a man, I am young, I remain young, I have a painting that keeps me young. I have hurt and I feel pain. Redemption I do seek as well as pleasure. I have found my Angel. She is the Angel from my nightmare. Shown me this light, has she.
I feel darkness with everlasting pain. My pain and my problems are self induced.
I am Dorian Gray

These are my feelings.

My Chiseled Corner

In a dim lit corner of hell,I sit

Alone in coldness, I sit

With glass filled whiskey, I sit

Concerned with fate, I sit

Forever alone, I sit

Forever dammed, I sit

In hopes for consciousness, I think

In dreams of carnal pleasures, I think

Pleasures once had, I think

Violated by truth, I think

Without redemption, I think

With lost hope, I think

In eternal suffering, I rest

In eternal suffering, I lay

In eternal suffering, I die

In eternal pain, my soul dies.

I live my own Hell.


Unknown said...

Songs are poems, and yours, a wonderful poem, ever think it might work - as a song?


Janet Callaway said...

Compelling and beautifully written.

Susie Clevenger said...

I love your quote "I write to vent, I write to feel, I write to be." I totally agree and live that. Powerful poem...a revelation of self in honesty.

lessonsinbroken said...

This is amazing.

lessonsinbroken said...

Jan, get a hold of me... it's been years. Hope all is well. Cheers.

lessonsinbroken said...

This is amazing.


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