Wednesday 15 February 2012

A Book and its Cover

Will I remain forever unread

like a tired novel, forever trapped,

caught in a remainder store rut

never to be snuggled up with in bed

the cover staid, dull and uninviting,

keeping potential purchasers at bay,

the attention caught by brighter prospects

whose blurbs sound much more exciting

A quick ,cursory flick through the pages

reveals a shifting, uncertain artless polemic,

its dull prose prohibiting passion

Too many tired characters, trapped in cages

lacking a real sense of self

to make their own, to stake a persona

Yet most won't ever get this far, as the

gaudy paperback is lucky to get off the shelf

its young pages already torn without a touch

being bestowed upon their rough surface,

while the cover remains neat, prim and proper

the recommended price of nothing being to much

to tempt anyone's interest, an impossible task

any marketing consultant would refuse,

their astonishment clear in their incredulous grin

"No one would ever buy this, its too much to ask!"


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