Saturday 18 February 2012


Do nothing
about it,
express nothing
about it,
bottle it up,
use up
the energy
to keep it in,
all inside,
don't say anything
about it,
what you don't know
about it,
don't explain it,
don't dream
about it,
we could have been
to each other,
my love,
I feel
the same
as a shooting star
would feel
if it could feel anything
when it shoots
so bright and brief
its lifetime
across the sky
burning up
its short lifetime
within the span
of many millenia,
then disappearing
into the blackness
having once been
briefly glimpsed
as having been
what I was
when you lit up
my face
with a look
from your eyes,
now it seems
our eyes
ever touch again
and everything
seems utterly dark.


Anonymous said...

Deeply moving and so sad. Not giving one what he is truly desires and reaching for… To hold back, deny that which in his soul, he wants, purposefully walking out of the light into darkness… No pain, No light, No happiness, No joy is the decision made. My question… must the past still control the present? Must one be committed to aloneness until his mind screams inside out… I believe if we love someone, it’s because there is a connection deep. A person who loves you would accept all of you. There is so much tragedy in this world, must one add to it?


Anonymous said...

Wow ~ my soul connects with your words ~ better than I can express...for now. Bless you & Nina for drawing me out with compassion and gratitude for expressing your soul!

Anonymous said...

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