Wednesday 8 February 2012

A childhood lament

Can anybody hear me?
Does anybody care?
Each night I pray for death to come,
But it's not death that climbs the stairs.

Can anybody see me?
I'm right before your eyes!
I've become withdrawn, I dont laugh or play,
I just gaze emptily up to the sky.

Will anybody miss me?
Would you even notice me gone?
Tonight I'm going to fly to heaven,
My suffering here on earth is done.


celesteka said...

I know this place as a child still . . . .

You captured my heart's suffering language.

Thank you for knowing and saying so.

Beyond Survivor said...

Celeste, you are a brave and wonderful lady. I am proud and honored to call you friend and sister!

Anonymous said...

I was too young to know what had happened till many years and disasters later! Thank you for your inspiring and hypnotic words!


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