Saturday, 27 August 2011

Will You?

What is this that lingers
in the pit of my heart
like an unblossomed flower
it reaches to the sky for its
to be revealed.
Uncovering each naked petal
like a vibrant being  so full
so bold in its claim upon this planet
yet fragile to the stem
and brittle in the wind.

What is this which suffers
quietly in isolation
true in its voice but almost never heard
like a distant echo
to your own understanding
of why you are living as the person
you are. And if you could,
who you would be.
this undoing of your barren determination-
doesn't it make your stomach turn
to realise you have only
lived for others and not

What is this it believes
in the broken heart you thought
would never mend.
buried a mile deep in emotions
that could have left you forever
but didn't.
giving credence to your thick wall
of disposition. it resides intimately,
in the clutches of your small hands
almost barely out of reach. but
do you see it
when it counts. or do you neglect
the truth of your existence.
will you blossom
will you suffer
will you believe


Anonymous said...

I have to believe that we can become who we want to be...the us we were meant to be if we hadn't been abused...that we can live for ourselves!

Pastor Sharon said...

I have finished reading every post. You are a miracle survivor. I know, only from reading the deepness you write in, that your pain and those memories still keep you up late, they eat away at your happiness. And I also know that you are a flying dragon warrior! You are amazing! You are so loveable. You do matter and you are making a huge difference.


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