Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Welcome To Great Britain

Fire, violence, theft and hooliganism, Welcome to Great Britain!
Businesses ruined, houses too, History ripped apart
Is this the dawn of thug rule in our once green and pleasant land?
Bring back National Service, people make a stand!

No-one safe, not even in their own homes, Welcome to Great Britain!
Blood is shed, bones are broken, families torn apart
Skies black with choking smoke, sirens everywhere
Is that the amy I see? We need them! No, we don't need them there!

Welcome to Great Britain, land of hope and glory!
Turn on the news and you will see quite a different story..
Welcome to Great Britain, controlled by yobs and scum
Why is it I fear, that the worst is yet to come.

Tuesday 9th August 2011


CherryPie said...

It chills my bones to think of what is happening and the violence is getting ever closer to me.

Those youths don't speak for me or any of the people I know, they are a minority. But the rules and laws that have been put into place over the last few years mean that they can't be dealt with effectively. If the police try they will be criticised.

National service - Yes it teach them some discipline and that surviving means co-operating with and helping fellow man.

Rant over ;-)

joy pachowicz said...

I weep for London and for the world all over. We are stuck in the fight mode .. we can't seem to drop our weapons or our hatred..we are very much in need of a heart transplant. .for our hearts have grown cold.

Thank you for your very beautiful poem. I only heard of all this yesterday evening . .it's all too painful.. I have been very much near to the city of London in my heart. Your poem brought it ever more present.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You have summed up the situation perfectly. Stay safe. x


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