Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hanging on the end of a wire
expecting a sudden shock,
walking the thinnest line
expecting to be pushed off.

This is how it is to become so in love
to ask if they will let you love them,
it never gets better, once its said,
but it could get worse.

The hope to kiss, the conversation,
the chance never came, misinformation,
now just a missing piece
in an unsolvable puzzle, broken dream.

Supposed to find another heart
that would fit in the same space,
the beginning is so broken, twisted,
the ending seems all wrong.

Ask too early, ask too late,
heart feels the pain, hates the games,
looking finds nothing, but chanced upon
so many years, and then they are gone,

1 comment:

Jessica Prescott said...

The first stanza is wonderfully written


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