Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I lie deep in the shadows
My body, limp and cold
As hatred and fear devour my mind
My soul slides into oblivion
I hear his voice ringing in my head
He is the demon in my dreams
The poison in my blood
The terror in my screams
The hurt towards him burns me
Scouring the walls of my chest
Engulfing my heart in flames
The pain too strong to fight
Attacks me like sharp knives
All over my body
Cutting deeper and deeper
Sinking into my flesh
A red ocean fills my head
I cannot see
I cannot hear
I cannot speak
I am helpless



Lynn C. Tolson said...

Great use of the picture to go with. Thanks for another great poem. I see you wrote it in 1995.

Jan WordWizard said...

Thanks Lynn. I try to pick a picture that illustrates some part of the poem or writing. Yes, I've been writing a long time...... Only the last year though have I really felt able to share with the world. Through this blog and twitter I have met some great people. Just like you for example! :-)

celesteka said...

I know this place, too dear Jan.
I am grateful that we are now walking in the LIGHT and seeing the truth of our pain and nightmares.

You are such a blessing to me. You confirm all that I experienced and relived.

We are walking victoriously step by step, moment by moment.

LOVE always !



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