Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Silent and hiding NO LONGER

Well today is a big sharing day... Posted a succession of photos of myself from a baby, approx 12 months old right up til now. They are on the ABOUT ME page. The first 4 are the abuse years. The fifth was not long after I had "endured" 18 months of psychotherapy.

I am disgusted to confirm that Wales has NO dedicated support service for MALE survivors of sexual abuse, rape or domestic abuse. YES all these happen to men too!! Come on world, stop sticking your head in the sand.

Men are VICTIMS too! WOMEN are also ABUSERS and RAPISTS.

I have bounced about the NHS for years, never finding answers to what my problems were. I have had a referral to a rape/abuse centre in Wales, but it is for both sexes and not run by people who have actually experienced the abuse themselves.

I "bumped" into someone online who I now consider my guardian angel. Steve from @Amsosa-UK.

To Quote Steve:-

The mission of AMSOSA is to empower men who have experienced sexual abuse or rape, and enable them to live happier, healthier lives.

I hope that through sharing my journey and my writing I can in some way help others and also to get Steve at Amsosa some well deserved publicity and even support.

It is time that people, MEN, like myself are recognised, supported, and for everything possible to be done to put a FULL STOP to sexual abuse, rape and domestic abuse of MEN as well as for women.

Thank you



CherryPie said...

It is good you feel able to speak out. I think it will release your demons and also encourage others, both men and women that they do not have to keep 'these secrets' to themselves.

The guilt is not with the person who feels they have to keep secrets but with the person/s who have made them feel that way.

Your poetry speaks to me, I think I mentioned that before ;-) I think you should try to get some of it published.+

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that WOMEN ARE PERPETRATORS too. That's the flip side to believing that a male can't be a victim.

Glad you are on twitter and sharing your poetry!

Jan MetalMan said...

You are quite right. Women abuse too.

I also want to confirm that I am not trying to belittle the abuse of girls/women in any way.

ALL abuse is wrong and MUST stop.

The support I am getting through this blog and twitter is giving me "power" and strength to speak out. Thank you to everyone who follows, comments and believes.

As far as getting published goes, I wouldn't know where to start and I also have no wish for anyone to think that I am blogging or twittering for any financial gain to myself.

Maybe in the future I will consider. I have a book to finish and a lot more poetry to post :-)


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