Monday, 8 August 2011

I am Pisces Man

No matter what they call you
No matter what they do
I'll just pop on my blue cloak
Then I'll fly over and rescue you

I can't deny what I've become
I can't be just any one
You know I'll come and get you
For I am Pisces Man!

If only days were longer
If only Obama was gay!
Then I could be your dreamer
Then you would hear me say...

I will be your Pisces Man
A dreamer, for everyone
No matter what the weather
I'll stay with you til Dawn...

I can't deny the things I dream
One day to share with you
I know, I know
I know this love's forever
That's all that matters now
Cos I am Pisces man....

Dedicated to a kind man @piscesdreamer1 who makes me laugh.

Sorry to BoyZone!

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