Sunday, 25 December 2011

The poem you hold in your hands

The poem you hold in your hands
is a very special poem.
Not just because it's from me . . .
but because it says something
I want you to know today
and that I want you
to remember

Within the words of this poem
I want to say that
you are incredibly special to me.
You are so important
to my days, and so essential
to the smile within me.
That certain space where our lives
overlap is the place that brings me
the most understanding,
the most peace,
the nicest memories, and a joy that
comes to my heart so constantly.

When you hold this in your hands,
I want you to think of me
smiling softly at you,
and thanking you . . .
for all that you are . . .
to me.


Unknown said...

Thank you for this poem, Jan. It speaks to me and I hope that you read it to yourself, as well.

learnercurious1 said...

Thank You!!

learnercurious1 said...

Thanks for Making a Difference!!

Mademoiselle d' Abanville said...

The power of the words to delight the reader to engage and feel within of ones self is amazing with your work of words that come from the heart.
I loved this!

william manson said...

that was beautiful, whomever you wrote it for, will be perfectly clear on what you mean, bravo.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for your soulful words! They're more than words - they speak my heart and bring tears of hope!


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