Monday 19 December 2011

The Storm Within

                         Surf Roars, moon hides, and the clouds roll on in
                        wild nights like this call up the turbulence within
                          Is it pain is it sorrow is it memories stirred?
                       Is it you drawing me closer to your soul as it were?

                    Ocean breeze it is fierce and my Hair whips at my face
                        and time seems to stand still to let me embrace
                    all the darkness and the moisture and the elements here
                        to remember the passion we once used to share

                       The darkness of night dwells within my own soul
                        the pain and the crying  and the cold takes it toll
                           I remember it as in a dream sequence here
                        yet its clear and around me and calling me near

                         How many years ago did I stand up out there
                        watching you leave me to go who knows where?
                            and never a tear did dare leave my eyes
                           the pain and the passion I kept well inside

                     Some named me 'callus', some called me 'quite strong'
                       never a one knew the pain in my heart or my song
                            to the ocean I cried deep inside all along
                      and shared the emotions all the days and nights long

                      And tonight I remember, the storms brought it back
                         I can feel you beside me as I wander this track
                      to my heart you've returned once again and we know
                      you should never have left me to do battle long ago


Trauma Curls said...

Haunting. Very telling. Thank you for sharing.

Christine said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!!


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