Thursday, 1 December 2011


                          Like rain drops...
                          Roll along
                          Down my head
                          Thoughts of time
                          Thoughts of the past
                          Thoughts of pain

                          My mind wonders
                          About a spiraling
                          Hell, lost in time

                          Should haves
                          Could haves
                          What ifs
                          What happened?

                          Where was the turn?
                          Where was the wrong
                          Decision made?

                          You left like so
                          Many others
                          Who once called me friend

                          What about her
                          And of him
                          And of them
                          What did I do
                          To deserve this
                          Spiraling hell
                          Of thoughts

                          That abound in
                          The dark
                          Dungeons of
                          My Mind


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

know the intent of this well.
you've described it, the spiraling hell.

Thanks Belungerer


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