Thursday 29 December 2011

Stop Child Abuse.

There MUST be an end to the sexual, physical and emotional ABUSE of children. In this age of the Internet and social media, we have a real chance to make a difference. Let's all stand united against this heinous CRIME. Together we CAN make a difference.

The Little Boy

The little boy is locked in the cupboard again.
He tastes blood in his mouth.
The little boy can't see inside the cupboard.
It's oh so black.
The little boy is hungry.
The little boy is black and blue.

The little boy is locked inside the cupboard
He tastes hate in his mouth.
The little boy can see clearly inside his head.
His mind is oh so sharp.
The little boy is plotting.
The little boy is planning.

The little boy is locked inside the cupboard.
He tastes the barrel of the gun in his mouth.
The little boy can see freedom even in the blackness.
The desire is oh so strong.
The little boy has to be courageous.
The little boy is praying.

The little boy is locked in the cupboard.
He can taste nothing anymore.
The little boy has freedom from the pain.
His body is oh so limp.
The little boy is flying.
The little boy is smiling.


Unknown said...

wow..........well fuk man.
that just killed me.

joy pachowicz (DoraJacina) said...

The little boy is out of the cupboard now and he is truly loved by so many and he remembers only momentarily that in the cupboard he was a little boy that was to become the man who reaches out to others.. thanks for sharing. xoxo Joy

Wodke Hawkinson said...

Crazy as it sounds, perhaps somewhere in the years of schooling we receive, someone ought to tell people that it's wrong to abuse children. I sometimes seriously believe there are idiots out there who never got the message. Sure, it's something everyone should instinctively know, but it doesn't hurt to point it out. No, it's not that simple. I know that. A friend of ours was routinely molested by her father the entire time she was growing up. Yet, the man thought he loved his children.
Keep up the good work of healing your pain and educating the masses. Wish we could give you a hug.

mother4justice said...

Take my arms, wrap them around this little boy, let him know he is not alone any more x M4J

Anonymous said...

Hurts, as I was basically the little girl in the cupboard!


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