Sunday, 8 April 2012

Why Cast Me Aside

Like an outcast criminal
you throw stones at my side,
ending my hopes,
and slashing my pride.

Instantly guilty,
put into shame
You choke me to tears
and shoot me like game.

Like an unholy sinner
cursed and to blame,
you laugh at my love
as if it isn't the same.

How hard can you stare,
How long can you mock
the times that I cry
and feelings I block?
For all that I've done,
For all that I loved
I've been beaten and tortured,
punished and shoved.

For all that I've been,
the individual I am
I've been thwarted and hated,
unworthy and damned.

You can change me forever .
and teach me to lie,
you can hold me to promises
after I die

but you never believe
or actually see
that the life that I've lived
has always been me.

How long can you hate,
if only you knew
that the person I am
is no different than you.


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