Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Heart weeping by the sea

First time that you landed
When all the stars shone
You gazed into my eyes
Two hearts became as one
Then again you landed
Upon the white sandy shore
My heart you cast aside
Your heart wanted no more
The last time you landed
Your heart was finally gone
My knees sunk on the sand
The stars no longer shone
For no more will she land
To share her heart with me
I now walk the lonely sand
Heart weeping by the sea


Tina Helt said...

I really like this and can understand. I have been there.

Luis Ullán said...

thanks for posting. It has touched me. I´ve discovered this blog through Twitter.

congratulations. those words are very deep.


Jan WordWizard said...

I am happy that this blog found you too :-)

nico said...

This I understand too... to many times has this happened .. beautiful again muah dear... : )

bookteachie said...

Very beautiful, deep, insightful, I feel the pain here within Ur words. My lil brother was physically and sexually abused by his bio.father. I left in time, so it didn't happen to me. The man was my stepfather. - @bayviewgirl

Anonymous said...

Very wistful and redolant of a celtic song!

Anonymous said...

Very wistful and redolant of a celtic song!


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