Friday, 13 April 2012

Me, myself and I

We are three! Me myself and I, I know them and they know me
An evolution from a lad corrupted, his mind ripped apart
So we came to be. Once we were more, we had quite a party
And created these lives, in us he continues to be.

One was a bully, a loud mouth, a cad. His heart was protective
Of the lad broken and mad. One was a charmer, clever as can be
He'd get his own way, no matter the price. One was a sleaze ball
No morals, no way. He'd do anything, anyone, any day.

There once were some ladies, their place was to sew, the pieces
Together of the lad you don't know. They also protected, both him
And the rest, from men out to get them, it was a test. They left us
Last summer, they'd had enough. They protected yes but couldnt sew.

One is a gentle man, in word and in deed, he longs for a life
That should have been. He is the canvas sewn with love and protection
But the edges are frayed, and easily torn. He is the one we
All must join, in creation of a man, whole, but nor perfection.

Our goal is to live, together, as one, to look to the future
To welcome the sun, to welcome the moon that lights up the night
In peace together, no longer to fight. A new life created
From pain and from shame, forgetting the past as we weren't to blame.

Yes we are three, but soon with deliberation, We'll keep all the best
And some of the not, to make a new man, to live life as one,
Say goodbye Danny Boy, Zach and the other
For the time has come, to let in big brother.

August 2011


Gail Thornton said...

I love this one, Jan - it speaks of evolution from the child to the complete man. The man who owns all of his life, and doesn't need to keep parts of himself protected from his own awareness. There is danger in integrating, it requires a gentleness with one's soul. I haven't achieved it yet - but self love is the endpoint. said...

We all have much to learn from your journey of integration and integrity Wounded Warrior!

Anonymous said...

I am so deeply moved. You made it. This must have been incredibly painful. I only hope you had support. You are an incredibly beautiful person. Never forget that. I so honor all that you have achieved as it is very rare. I bookmarked this page.. as I would like to return. Something about his page is very healing for me. Thank you for allowing me to experience a chapter in your life.

~ Nina Fox

Jan WordWizard said...

Thank you for the supportive comments. Coming to terms with D.I.D was one of the hardest steps I had to take and one I took alone.

This link explains it better Dissociation - We Did it Our Way


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