Thursday, 5 April 2012

He Was Just A Young Boy

He sits alone on the beach, his mind far away 
Staring beyond the far horizon, on this summers day.
He wonders if there is a life, of happiness out there 
A family to love and protect; someone who really cared. 

He asks himself if this, is what life is all about? 
No security in the love he'd come to fear and doubt,
No promises to protect his tragedy and shame,
Knowing that he must go back to live through it again. 

Reflecting on the memories, his eyes filled with tears; 
Is it going to be like this for the rest of his years? 
The shame that he had to endure, as his anger grows to hate 
Is this life he'd come to fear going to be his fate? 

A wave of confused emotions swept over his soul 
As he reflected on the memory of the life that he had stole
He was just a young boy, too young to understand 
Why he had to fondle him, with the touch of his hand. 

Memories of the midnight calls, the visits to his bed 
And as the tears fell from his eyes, not a word was said 
The touch of his hand upon him, whisky breath upon his face, 
As he closed his eyes and wished he was in another place. 

Tear stains on his pillow, thoughts within his  head 
He could still feel his touch, and his breath within his bed 
When morning slowly rises, he escapes his pain 
As he sits alone upon his beach, haunted by his shame. 

Kicking pebbles on the sand, he stares into the sky 
Wondering if there is a God, so he could ask Him why?
The questions that filled his mind, prompted him to say 
Words he could only wish to speak, for he was too afraid. 

Sadness engulfed the heaviness, felt within his heart 
The tears he cries for himself, its tragedy imparts ~ 
A life that he has come to fear, within his silent hate, 
Is the only one that he has known,  and meant to be his fate.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and poignant hope words help you to overcome this x


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