Tuesday, 23 October 2012

If I Died #poetry #childabuse #survivor

This was written many many years ago and included it in my book "Beyond Survivor". Some have thought I was suicidal at the time... I wasn't. I was looking for confirmation.  Being a survivor I often felt "out on a limb" from society. I looked for comfort and confirmation of love during dark times.  I hope you understand my words...

If I died tonight,
Would you hold my hand
Would you stay beside me
And walk me from this land

Put your arms around me
And never let me go
Share with me your strengh
For I have none of my own

The pain is too much to bear
I can't seem to carry on
My heart now lies shattered
The dreams are now all gone

The feelings were always buried
Deep inside my soul
Slowly they destroyed me
Because I wouldn't let them show

Now I lay here resting
My time on Earth is done
Nothing left to fight for
No where left to run

Put your hand in mine
As I take my final breath
My soul has at last found peace
There awaiting me in Death


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