Wednesday 31 October 2012

The Horror Hiding Behind The Doors of Auntie.. #childabuse

The BBC, known to many in the U.K as "Auntie" is the British Broadcasting Corporation.The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcasting corporation headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The BBC employs in excess of 23,000 people and operates under licence and agreement from the UK Home Secretary i.e The Government.

The Corporation's guaranteed income from the licence fee (every household with a television MUST pay a viewing licence with failure punishable by a jail term) and the World Service grants are supplemented by profits from commercial operations through a wholly owned subsidiary, BBC Worldwide Ltd. The company's activities include programme- and format-sales. The BBC also earns additional income from selling certain programme-making services through BBC Studios and Post Production Ltd., formerly BBC Resources Ltd, another wholly owned trading subsidiary of the corporation. Most of the BBC's magazine and book publishing activities were sold in 2011.

Some victims of the paedophile Jimmy Savile claim (and I believe them) that an organised paedophile ring was at work behind the doors of the BBC. Savile was a high profile employee of the BBC with his own television and radio shows. The allegations get more and more serious – now a lawyer has accused the BBC of harbouring and protecting a paedophile ring. Veteran BBC journalist John Simpson is right in that it’s the most serious crisis to face the organisation for at least 50 years. If it is show that there was any complicity by the organisation to these acts, then I don’t know what the consequences could be for one of our oldest and (formerly at least) respected institutions. Heads should roll if there’s any sniff of a cover-up by top brass during the Newsnight investigation fiasco. As for the people who worked there at the time – well, there’s no statute of limitations for criminal prosecution in this country; I would say there may be one or two, probably several, very worried people.

Others from the BBC include Chris Denning, a DJ who started out like Savile on Radio Luxembourg and moved on to the BBC, where he was one of the original Radio 1 DJs, and who has a number of convictions for child sex offences. Denning, 71, was first convicted for gross indecency in 1974, jailed in 1985 and then in 1988 for sexual assaults on children. He is in jail in Slovakia for producing child pornography.

Even DJ and presenter John Peel, who died eight years ago, may now come under scrutiny. As a young man, he worked in Texas as a local radio station DJ and admits taking advantage of the young girls queueing up outside his studio to offer him sexual favours. “All they wanted me to do was to abuse them sexually which, of course, I was only happy to do,” he once recalled. One of the teenagers was a girl called Shirley Anne Milburn. Peel was 26 and Shirley Anne just 15 when they married in Texas in 1965. The couple came back to London, but the marriage faltered as Peel’s career took off. They divorced in 1973 and Shirley Anne returned home, committing suicide some years later.

In 2001 former pop singer, radio DJ and television presenter Jonathon King was found guilty of
For years Jonathan King used his celebrity status to become a rampant sexual predator. He bribed his  young male victims with watches and records and gained the trust of their parents who thought he was above suspicion.

After Jonathan King’s conviction in 2001, intense speculation followed that Savile would be next. “There were several high-profile male celebrities whose names cropped up as a result of the King enquiry and Savile’s was included in the list of those under suspicion,” a police source told The Sunday Telegraph. “This related to the abuse of under-16s. He was looked into but at the time the suspicions were never proved. There was no firm evidence to link him with any criminal activity.”

King left prison after serving only half his seven year jail term... He later claimed he enjoyed his time behind bars immensely. Ex BBC director general Mark Thompson had even been "forced" to apologise to disgraced pop impresario Jonathan King after he was cut out of a repeat of BBC's Top of the Pops show......

Jimmy Savile's paedophilia appears consistent with the BBC's culture and effectiveness at covering up what went on and might still be going on behind it's doors.

How many BBC employees helped these paedophiles and are guilty by association and aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation and molestation of innocent children? How many BBC managers and directors knew and did nothing? Silence is collusion! How many more victims are out there, afraid or ashamed to speak up? We, the British public pay the television licence which has in turn paid for children to be used and abused...

All the information in this article can be found and verified from several web resources. 

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