Monday, 11 February 2013

Never Will Be #poetry #childabuse #survivors

Never Will Be

The cold cuts through me -
bloody and deep.
I want to get warm,
but all I can do is sit and weep.

you left me broken and hurt
and feeling depressed.
I said I was sorry and I love you,
but you weren't impressed.

we fought about the abuse
and you didn't believe me .
I tried to explain it all -
how else would a child know what I saw?

I felt his body on top of me,
heavy and hot
and I cried out in pain
as I fought with everything I got.

he says he does it
because he loves me,
but what kind of love is that?
the truth I just cant see.

I want to be warm
but you left me.
I want you to believe,
but it never will be
© Tabatha U.

Source: Poem About My Past Sexual Abuse, Never Will Be 

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