Saturday, 2 February 2013

Child Abuse Victims Being Called LIARS #childabuse #survivors

The sexual molestation of a child is a heinous and evil crime. The victim frequently the one to carry the burden of guilt and shame. 

All too often when child abuse and paedophilia is exposed within a family it is the victim of the abuse who becomes the outcast and called a liar, trouble maker or attention seeker.  It is an all too common scenario.

Paedophiles and those who support or harbour them believe themselves to be in the right, maybe even above the law. Threats are often made to the victim or other family members and the accusations or charges dropped, the victim becoming victim over and over again. 

Statements involving bringing shame on the family, letting things be, he/she has always been a liar are commonplace. Being called a "mental case", derision and scorn cast upon the victim rather than the support, love and therapy they need.

Those that protect or give shelter to paedophiles are guilty of collusion, of perverting the course of justice. Many think that they can cajole or terrify the victims into silence and unfortunately they often win, the victim either never speaking out, committing suicide or living only a half life.  

I have covered in depth the many issues that affect survivors of sexual abuse. Psychiatric problems, emotional problems as well as physical problems are common. All too often you will find that those who shout loudest and mock and ridicule those that suffer have the most to hide themselves. 

In my wretched life I have suffered first hand from much of the above, I know all too well how deep the familial knife can cut when it seeks to protect itself. They say blood is thicker than water but it can drown you quicker than water can too.

I sought help for my problems long before I had to watch my U.K business crushed by falsely inflated libor rates and a devastating recession. I sought help almost thirty years ago from someone who should have had my interests at heart. I was apparently a liar then too. 

Childhood sexual abuse can take many forms. My good friend Dr Nicola Davies has an excellent article on that subject here which she wrote for this blog. 

Having sexual relations with anyone under the age of consent for your country is a criminal offence, even if the child was apparently willing. This includes, here in the U.K, having sexual relations with a fifteen year old boy or girl whom the older man or woman later marries.  Nobody should feel themselves, as did Jimmy Savile, to be above the law.  As the recent Savile case shows there are no restrictions of time, apart from death, for bringing a charge against these criminals.

Those who shout and condemn the loudest nearly always have something to hide themselves,  a pointed finger takes suspicion away from the person doing the pointing.

An interesting article, "The child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome"
can be found here

Another, "Sexual Abuse" here

And finally "incest Survivors" here 


Anonymous said...

It's about time someone had the courage to speak up on behalf of others who have suffered from so much of which you write.

You are a hero to so many, not because you told your own history but because you help so many others to do the same.

As a result of having followed your writings for over a year I spoke out myself, thank you for giving me the courage to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I dont really need a survivor story - I need help for my own child who is being called a liar by the counselors and courts and has been given to the abuser. I've been accused of coaching when disclosure is made and accused of mentally abusing my child.


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