Thursday, 7 February 2013

Break My Chains, Let Me Run Free #childabuse #poetry

Listen to me in my silence
Chase away all my childhood fear
Look at me with your eyes that do not see
Listen with your ears that refuse to hear
Break my chains, let me run free.

Come protect me in my darkness
Heal my heart so filled with shame
Climb the walls that I have built around me
Believe my words when I say his name
Break my chains, let me run free

Be the arms that lovingly protect me
Help me walk for I am lame
I am broken, why won't you see?
Hear my truth, my words, my pain
Break my chains, let me run free.


Unknown said...

Did you write this poem? I like it. I just started a survivor blog with breaking chains in the title. It is a great image.

Beyond Survivor said...

Hi, yes I wrote the poem. Thank you for liking it. I shall visit your blog! The more survivors that speak out, the better our chances of educating society and bringing about change.


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