Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A New Dawn #childabuse #survivors #book #poetry

A New Dawn is one of my favourite poems from my book, Beyond Survivor - Rising From The Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

I offer it to you here in a hope to show there is hope, that the journey to healing is worth the pain and heartache it can bring.

My heart's empty hallways echo forlornly,
My eyes but broken windows to my soul,
Blinded by my own fractured self,
So that I would be ignorant to truth.

My flesh aching and writhing in remembrance,
Spirit disfigured and grounded with clipped wings,
Silent tears fall for an innocence long dead
But beneath the chaos a light flickers dimly.

From the all consuming madness comes hope,
A new tomorrow, a new dawn, a new hope,
Out of the ashes of a childhood destroyed,
I will rise, stand firm and be strong.

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