Wednesday 31 December 2014

Anti-Victim Prejudice #AVP Quick Fix 2015 #childabuse via @ShyKeenan

#AVP Quick Fix 2015
1/ Outlaw all Anti-Victim Prejudice social and establishment practices.
2/ Do not use Anti-Victim Prejudice language.
3/ Give those victimised by paedophile crimes an #AVP FREE #CSAInquiry.
4/ Enshrine ‘Victim’s Right’s’ in law.
5/ Take all ‘reporting the crime’ time limits away from all paedophile crimes.
6/ Start undoing the #AVP social grooming by encouraging all child victims and adult victims of child sexual abuse to report FIRST to the police, then their GP and then to the victim support/child protection charities …in that order.
7/ Take the lead child protection remit away from social services and give it (and the proper funding) to the police.
8/ With the new lead child protection remit, set up police child protection units in every major police force area/station, whose office is next door to the brand new better trained and supported police only social services child protection workers.
9/ Give reporting victims of paedophile crimes capped ‘Legally Aided’ solicitors to protect victims legal and human rights throughout and after the judicial process.
10/ Set up a victim’s Emotional Health & Welfare department at the Ministry of Justice to properly support the victims short and long-term needs.
11/ Give the Victim’s Commissioner some actual power to help actual victims.
12/ No more auto-forcing those victimised by paedophile crimes into mental health services. Most of those victimsed by paedophile crimes are, as a direct consequence of the crimes, also forced to manage varying degrees of life-long Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.
PTSD can kill …but PTSD is first and foremost a treatable medical condition that can very quickly turn into a serious mental health condition if not properly treated and managed with drugs and drug-free treatments and proper GP/NHS patient support.
13/ Get the NHS to properly fund and deliver better and more varied treatment and care for all those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (not just ex-military combatants) and make it available to the patients through their GP’s.
14/ Anti-Victim Prejudice could not be more self-evident than when it comes to victim compensation …which barely reflects normal current inflation, let alone actual victim needs in the real world.
In the real world they live in today, worst case scenario, victims/survivors will need approx £100,000 a year for the treatment/care they will need for the rest of their lives. Try measuring those maths to any actual recent victim compensation cases (google it) and you will see for yourselves the chasm between the judicial systems blind Anti-Victim Prejudice and the sad reality for most victims of paedophile crimes in 2015. Time to get real and give victims what they need and deserve to not just cope but to recover a good life worth living, survive and thrive.
15/ Finally, paedophilia is a form of sexual terrorism that needs its own ‘Anti-Terror Unit’ to counter their social terrorising and their Anti-Victim Prejudice propaganda.
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