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Sex Fiend Britain #childabuse

THIS map unearths for the first time where every (registered) paedophile and rapist in England and Wales lives.

After an eight-month investigation, The Sun can reveal exactly how many of the 41,036 registered sex offenders there are in YOUR area.
There are 4,651 living in the capital and 1,449 in the second city, Birmingham.
But when the population of the major cities and towns of Britain is taken into account, a different picture emerges.
There is a clear regional divide, with a higher density of sex offenders located in the North compared with the South.
Yet most predators per capita are based in the West Midlands.
The region where there are fewest sex offenders per capita is the East of England (64.22 per 100,000 population). Perhaps surprisingly, London has the second fewest — at 64.53 per 100,000.
There are six sex predators living in Alderley Edge, just down the road from where Premier League football stars including Wayne Rooney have lavish homes.
We obtained the figures fighting a lengthy Freedom of Information battle with all 43 police forces of England and Wales.
During our investigation we found that there are 41,036 known sex attackers living here.
This does not include those banged up in jail but only those who are free to roam the streets. A separate study in April revealed there are a further 3,100 in Scotland.


You are most likely to be living near one in Birmingham and its satellite towns.
The West Midlands police force revealed it has 3,304 registered sex offenders in its area, which has a population of just over 2.7million.
That means it has 120.67 men and women — who have been convicted of sex crimes so severe they have been placed on the national register — per 100,000 people.
The second highest concentration is Humberside, where the figure stands at 100.22 per 100,000.
Lancashire has the third highest concentration, at 97.7. Hampshire is the most densely populated area in the South for sex offenders (97.32).
This is closely followed by North Wales, where the figure stands at 96 per 100,000 residents.
The safest area to live is Hertfordshire. Just 48.6 sex attackers per 100,000 can be found there.
The commuter belt county of Surrey has 49.81.
Low figures were also found in Essex and Bedfordshire, contributing to the East of England having the lowest regional density.
But generally the was a national divide, with 84.04 monsters per 100,000 population living in the North. This compared with just 70.88 in the South.
In central areas the figure stands at 79.76, with 85.01 in Wales.
Surprisingly, despite being home to more than 7.2million people, London has a very low number of sex monsters per capita.
There are 4,651 being monitored in the capital but that is just 64.53 for every 100,000.
The largest number — 252 — can be found in Lewisham, closely followed by Lambeth, with 231.
The super-rich are not living completely risk free, with 60 in posh Kensington and Chelsea.
Our map is another victory in the battle against sex offenders and helps to keep families safe.
The first was Sarah’s Law, which has now been rolled out nationwide and allows mums and dads concerned about someone looking after their kids to check if they have a record for child sex offences.
It was the idea of Sun Justice Campaigner Dr Sara Payne, whose daughter Sarah was murdered by a paedophile in 2000.
Sara said last night: “The figures are helpful. Some forces are really, really open and others are not.
“For so many years this issue was kept behind closed doors, wasn’t something you talked about. We do not keep secrets any more.”
On the map we show how many registered sex offenders live in each area and also give the proportion per 100,000 of the population.

Sun Justice

Sun Justice

WE are horrified and disturbed – but not surprised – by the numbers.

We remember back in the days when the police had something they called the DOM (Dirty Old Man) lists (also called List 99) that were said to have 400,000 sex offenders’ names on them.
Then, in 1997, legislation brought in the sex offenders’ register. But it was not made retrospective and innocent children then and today are paying a terrible price.
Today there are nearly 42,000 people on the register. So there is a gaping sex offender “maths gap” that The Sun’s investigation has highlighted. You need more than general numbers to protect children from known sex offenders living in the community.
The map also exposes things like the authorities’ “hotspot” sex offender dumping grounds and gives the public a very real view of what they are up against in their local areas. There are risks to children, families and the whole community.
In order to better protect our families from re-offenders we need to know and understand where they are, working with the authorities to prevent these sex crimes.
We advise everyone to read and share this map with everyone they know. See for yourselves what is going on in your area.
The Government and police should be doing a lot more to protect our children from known sex offenders. We need policing that deals with individuals, joint offenders and organised rings in the real and virtual worlds.
We think it is time to take Sarah’s Law to the next level. It’s time for all police stations and town halls to have offender maps publicly available.
This would help the public and the authorities work better together to manage the risks these dangerous criminals pose.

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