Tuesday 21 August 2012

Reporting suspected paedophiles on Twitter

Twitter only acts when it receives complaints. Even then their response is far too slow. Twitter is a paedophiles’ playground, with perverts using the site to swap vile images and videos of ­children as well as trying to groom vulnerable and innocent children.

I have reported several very obvious paedophiles over the last year and not once have I had a response from Twitter.

One BIG mistake that many people do is to include the @ sign when discussing potential perverts. All this does is alert the culprit who may simply delete their tracks or set up a new account.

As angry as you may be it does not help catch these depraved perverts by calling them names or telling them to get off Twitter, you are in fact helping them by pre warning them.

You can email Twitter with your suspicions on cp@twitter.com

There are also several "anon" Twitter groups that are actively working to rid Twitter of these scum.

Contacting the police and child protection organisations may also help as will


Be aware, be vigilant and be careful how you discuss these "people".


Anonymous said...

I saw a comment which looked weird, but on further investigation he seemed to make a lot of weird comments anyway. Should I report him?

Beyond Survivor said...

That would depend on the nature of the comments. You can contact me on twitter and DM the details.

Anonymous said...

Great info Jan! Twitter takes too long to rid pedo accounts. Good advice!
The I AM University


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