Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Directions & New Horizons

Its been over a year since I began blogging seriously. A year of change in many ways, a year of revelations and a year of knowledge.

I'm very proud of this blog. It has become a resource to others as well as being my place to share my experiences, introduce survivor friends to my audience and have the occasional rant!

It seems to me that it needs a "house keeper" though! I'm not known for my neatness and I would like to appeal for help in better organising this blog thereby making it easier for others to navigate. I like the Blogger interface but I'm prepared to move the blog if it makes life easier. I welcome your input on this.

I recently tweeted that I'm looking for new guest bloggers for this site. I've had three submissions to date. I'm looking for guest posts on the following topics.

Child Abuse
Male Survivors
Alt Therapy
Coping skills
Survivor Poetry

Please contact me through this blog or via Twitter @Beyond_Survivor if you are interested.

Any length of post is fine and it can be anonymous if required.

The Olympics are still going strong as I write this. It seems to be that many survivors and advocates I have come to know this last year deserve medals too! To survive childhood sexual abuse in an achievement in itself. My friends, you are all champions to me. Thank you.

I try and keep my blog roll and suggested sites list up to date. If you would like to be included please let me know.

Thank you again for taking time out of your lives to read this blog and for the amazing support you give me.

1 comment:

Virginia Lee said...

Happy Anniversary! Many of us appreciate your efforts and enjoy walking with you upon this road less traveled! May your journey continue to be a blessing to you and to others. Thank you, Jan!


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