Saturday 26 May 2012

Who I Was Born To Be - My Version

I've never felt free,
To bare my heart open wide,
To allow you to see, all that I can be,
Fear and doubt always there at my side.

I was never that boy, nor that man,
Who could give of himself, be so free
But I hope that one day soon
I'll be all I was born to be.

I once opened the door, to let myself be free
I was ill prepared and too naive
Fell too fast and too hard. Maybe soon,
My time will come again.

I look back over my years, lived in fear
Lived in doubt. Always sure you'd not want
And cast me aside, with no thought, I was
Not who I was born to be.

Now I look in your eyes, Your arms open wide
And I Still feel my fear, my own stupid doubt.
I hope that you'll see, it's not you but it's me
Give me time, I'll set my self free.

Forget restraints of time and of space,
Nothing is impossible, life is a race
I'll do all that I can, forget fears and doubts,
At your side I know now, I am sure, no doubts
I can be who I was born to be....

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