Sunday, 12 May 2013

Catch Me #poetry

In the dark,

I reached, I fell

I wanted you, grasped the air

You were not there

Your eyes

Black in black night

Not wavering there

I fell

Piercing down into dark

Screaming fear into night

Catch me

Catch my hurt

Catch me quietly

And if I laugh

Steal not my happiness

If I cry

Don't dry my tears

Just let me exist

Catch me.

The safety of your arms.


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Johanness-Poul said...

I am so glad you shared on twitter. I have shared your pages onto my FB pages also.
I know that as a Canadian I've been fortuna to be able to go past taboos keeping an open heart.
while as in Finland so much of this is still so TABOO and barely talked about.
Having had a broad very colorful life its demanded me to open up and be as responsive to those who come into my life.
I've known and experienced enough to be able to walk side by side with my man friends who take huge brave steps and ask THE BIG QUESTIONS.
Your story touched me so deeply, I am humbled and joys with your courage.
with that...
Gentle thoughts to you my becoming friend. The best place I decided a long time ago was not to walk in the shadows of closet doors, but to embrace all of me for who I am, as I am, with all my humanness.

Big warm spiritual hugs from this crazy older buzzard from Canada, living abroad, in this case Finland.

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