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Unspoken Voices exists to give a voice to those who have lost the strength, will, or ability to speak out. This non-profit organization has been created to (I) give a voice to victim/survivors through empowerment, education, and advocacy; and (II) to give a voice to each of us, encouraging us to become active bystanders. We, as individuals and community members, have the ability to say that violence is not okay. That we will not accept violence as the norm and we, you, and I are going to use our voices to intercede, support, and protect each other, our families, and our communities.

To this end, Unspoken Voices has various ways of engaging the bystander and advocating for the victim/survivor. We do this through educational trainings, personal and community advocacy, creating and/or participating in various awareness events, and other measures. We are currently creating our second video made only from still shots. These photographs, usually seen in black and white, are brought together to make films, flyers, and posters. In each photo, individual(s) have chosen to lend their "voice" by writing or choosing a pre-written quote, statistic, or personal story about sexual, partner, domestic violence, and/or any other type of personal power based violence. These pictures and videos empower victim/survivors to share their stories in a safe and comfortable way. Through this, individuals have the opportunity to feel empowered and encouraged while simultaneously creating awareness about the enormity of violence in our culture.

Empowering Survivors of Personal Power-Based Violence
Unspoken Voices supports the Green Dot Strategy and the NO MORE Campaign. Both of these modalities combine awareness and action in an easy, empowering way. Join us in saying NO MORE to violence by an active bystander and creating your own GREEN DOTS.
No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something. 
What's your Green Dot?
Contact us to learn more about our unique videos designed to empower survivors of 
Personal Power-Based Violence.
We are also more than happy to speak with you about awareness and educational events,
as well as other training opportunities and curriculum that we can provide.
Sexual Violence affects EVERYONE...regardless of gender.



DDollyflop said...

Part 2 continued tyvm

So about 6 months later one evening eating our meal at the table my mum,dad,sister and me and not long after my mum had come home from hospital for good she told me to get ready for school the next morning my social worker was coming to see me and she'd take me to school afterwards, my parents had been to social services and said I was out of control telling lies and staying out late and I had been glue sniffing whch I had done but it was only ever one time and i didn't like it and would never of glue sniffed again but they didn't believe me nd acted as if i was an heroin addict at that point which i wasn't i didn't even know what drugs were but my mum and dad were both quite stuffy in their approach to life and always went overboard with the punishments and such, i used to get grounded but i mean grounded, i could not go anywhere outside the house unless it was school and at school i had to stay i and be supervised at lunch times or break times and she would make sure they followed these rules, i could not go to the shop or anything like that on the odd occasion i could walk home or walk to school and someone would come and get me when school ended most days, in the home i had to stay in my room and i had nothing, i was allowed down very occasionally but only if my parents where having a nght out and they would tell my sister i had to be in bed at 9pm and my sister would ake sure i went to bed at 9pm, she was only a year older than me and stabbed me in the back every chance she got, and still does even now, they pittied us against each other and it as never left us which is sad i know now i wasn't doing anything that most of the kids n the estate where doing but my parents had t go over board with the shock treatment every single time, like it wasa competition to see if they could best me and of course i would do my best to not cry or show any weak emotion i got to a point where i hated them both and my sister to.
So my social worker came along with 2 of the biggest men i'd ever seen and that's when they told me i was'nt going to school i as going to a girls school, that first day going there in that social workers car and how I felt has never left me, all my life it's like it's always been there at the very pit of my stomach, I was so lost back then, surrounded by adults who lied to me or told me how bad I was, and up to that point i had learned that lies were fine and how to not get caught out doing anything i shouldn't be, how to blame others always and how not to care about anything because if you did it would hurt and make you cry alot, I can remember crying out inside my head to my mum, asking "why are you doing this to me" and with a kiss on the cheek i was gone from my home and "we'll ring you in the week" and that was it my days at home with my family were over with and the place I went to was terrible, Blackbrook House School and these nuns who ran this were specialists in degrading us i swear, they made us wear the most horrible school uniforms you've ever seen, they took us back to the dark ages, we had long skirts that only allowed our ankle's to show and where really wide and baggy and green checked shirts with big pointy collars and a green cardigan and big ugly platform shoes at a time when they was not trendy at all, i can remember any time they took us anywhere away from the lock up and we would be in public they walked us in single file or in double file and we had to be quiet and I was so ashamed of the clothes I had on because we looked so stupid, like the poor kid everyone at school used to talk about and make fun of well that was us girls and if we seen kids our own ages they'd usually shout and call us names and i'm not surprised it was degrading, and it was a bad place to and i've never really got over that either,

DDollyflop said...

Part 3

i was abused there to off a member of staff and i cannot remember much about him if am honest just his name and his face and i just know he would hurt me because he was so rough and did not care how rough he was, it was never full on sex because he'd of got caught it was more like a smash and grab for him when he could get away with it in the end i got so used to it happening that i'd made it not matter, it didn't upset me and i knew never to tell anyone in this place because he'd say i was lying to and he was a teacher they would believe the time i left that place i was a proper criminal, happy to lie,cheat and steal my way through everything, I resented all and any authority, which looking back was no surprise I left at 16yrs of age and by the time i was 20 I'd had my 2 children and at 21yrs old started using drugs the rest i'm sure you can guess .......


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