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Is She Dead or Alive? via @SusanJaneSmith #survivors

Is She Dead or Alive?

I simply still cannot figure out if this poor woman is dead or alive whilst being carried upside down on a pole – like an animal.  In fact, I would never even do this to any animal.  I was so disgusted and distressed when I first came across this picture.  She apparently is being carried by military men in India.
This picture came to my attention when I was looking at a Facebook page for Southall Black Sisters in London.  They had organised a protest outside the London Embassy of India about the rapes in India.  Sadly, there does not seem to have been any media interest in the protest.  I did call The Times newspaper and spoke to a couple of ‘nice’ young men, but got no further.

The barbarity of seeing any human being carried around like this (even if dead) motivated me to send this picture and a press release to the Indian and British Prime Ministers and the international press.  No response whatsoever – why not?  Are you horrified by this image?  Who actually cares that this is going on?

I had the ability to send the photo internationally because I have my own database for the media as I send out press releases regarding my own 20 self help e-books which sell on Amazon around the world.  My books are also available via the major on-line bookstores and my website 

My primary book Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth led to my Little Book Series of Emotional Health For Emotional Wealth including:
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I am a survivor, passionate about inspiring positive change for other people. 
A friend said, as a result of this picture, that men from the ‘emerging’ countries may wear Western style lounge suits and speak English yet it is in no way an indicator that they follow Western ideas about women’s issues.  It looks like I will need to spend the rest of my life providing education regarding the importance of stopping abuse.  Women’s equality still has a long way to go to make that true for all women

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Susan Jane Smith said...

Thank you The Wounded Warrior for sharing the picture I found and for sharing the blog I wrote. I wanted the world to know just what has been going on and you have helped. Gratitude from one survivor to another.


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