Friday 15 June 2012


so here we are again
in the twilight
here the red of the sunset lives
and here is where the blue learns to be blue
as the waves hit the shore
all the poems come here to crash against
the rocks

I'd rather be the wind
in the trees
than the roar
of the train
I'd rather be the fleeting blue
of the bluebird
than the red of the sunset
I'd rather say nothing
that you think clever
than to say


william manson said...

very cool poem friend, I had no idea you wrote poetry, pleasure to come view it..

J o'Callaghan said...

Beautiful poetry to help mend a most wounded soul

Daan van den Bergh said...

Wow, that was deep. Really beautiful.

Last time I checked your blog was about a year ago. Your write has really evolved since then! Props!

How has life been treating you, my friend?


Daan van den Bergh


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