Friday 15 June 2012


This world wide candle light vigil is to acknowledge the impact that sexual abuse has had on our human family. The subject of sexual abuse is not one that most people choose to acknowledge because it is such a painful topic. If you have not been directly impacted, you may feel that it is a topic that doesn't concern you or that you cannot be of any assistance to help others heal. The rediscovery of ancient knowledge and new scientific evidence is proving the healing power of pray, meditation and our very own personal thoughts. These discoveries are redefining the very nature of our beings and demonstrating that we are all connected to one another. It is our aim to raise our collective consciousness and heal the wounds that the act of sexual abuse has cause for all of humanity. Please join us in this world wide healing.

Below you will find the details of this event:

What? Light a candle, Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, or Conversation focusing on the healing of humanity.

Who? Every living human being.

When? June 15, 2012. Between the hours of 7pm - 8pm (your local time zone) for any amount of time you choose. The aim here is to focus our consciousness on the healing of humanity in a 24 hr period world wide.

Where? Where ever you are; at home, with your family, friends, or in a groups around the world.
If you are planning to create a group event of your own, please contact Claudia Durr or Fernanda Mejia and they will create and event from this group and assign you as the host so that all can keep in touch through this site

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