Monday 21 November 2011


                                                Your words are like knives
                                                compared to before,
                                                your anger arrives
                                                like an impending war

                                                Distantly absent
                                                are the things that you say,
                                                why are you so different

                                                The look in your eyes,
                                                The cast of your glance
                                                suddenly dies
                                                without a chance

                                                Why so discontented,
                                                Why don't you stay,
                                                why are you so different

                                                Killing my laughter,
                                                detaching my smile,
                                                it did never occur
                                                that you changed in a while

                                                That you actually meant
                                                to cause me dismay,
                                                why are you different

                                                Why are you different,
                                                kindless and vain
                                                with proven intent
                                                to stab me with pain

                                                How so ironic
                                                what you say is a lie,
                                                obsessively chronic
                                                in making me cry

                                                Why are you different,
                                                heartless and ill,
                                                so drastically bent
                                                unfriendly and chill

                                                You drowned me in woe
                                                and misunderstood
                                                that where ever you'd go
                                                I certainly would

                                                Why are you different
                                                than yesterday....

                                                Why are you so different

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