Friday, 19 October 2012

The Silent Child #childabuse

WARNING,,,THIS VIDEO MAY TRIGGER! This is my reading of a poem describing the life of a child having to endure incest. When I first read it, it was like someone looked inside my bedroom growing up and wrote down what they saw. I recorded myself reading it to try and show others that don't know what its like to be one of us. A SILENT CHILD OF INCEST. It was very hard to record this, and I could only read it through that one time.I don't want to trigger horrible memories for any survivor, but I do want to let others know just what we had to endure as children. PLEASE, BE A VOICE..FOR THE SILENT CHILDREN OF SEXUAL ABUSE...PLEASE!


Tammy Stauffer said...

As hard as this was to listen to, I can't even imagine the pain of living it.
Can you share more about your healing journey?

Lynn Tolson said...

The poem tells it exactly like it is.


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