Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ark Of Hope For Children via @AbusedKids #childabuse #advocates

Ark of Hope for Children provides emotional care, mobilizes advocates and brings awareness for victims of child abuse, child sex trafficking and bullying (peer abuse). Ark of Hope focuses on care, habilitation and life transformation to help victims become empowered survivors.

Ark of Hope will "Break the chains of past abuse and lead victimized children and youth into lives filled with faith, hope and love."

When loving people stand in the gap with sacrificial, unconditional love, the trajectory of shattered lives can change forever. Through Ark of Hope programs we encourage local, church, state and international mobilization on behalf of abused, trafficked and bullied children.

Ark of Hope programs

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Blair Corbett is the founder of Ark of Hope for Children.

They provide emotional care, mobilize advocates and bring awareness for victims of child abuse, child sex trafficking and bullying. As a Survivors Coach he has spent years helping child abuse victims young and old fine healing, wholeness and purpose for their lives.

Ark of Hope for Children uses their vast social network and live chat support sites they have built to “Break the chains of child abuse, child sex trafficking and bullying.” Blair is an ordained Pastor and father of ten grown children including five adopted from foster care.

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